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Soft Skills Trainings and Coaching

"Coaching style management" training

  • ☆ Different management styles for effective goals achievement.
  • ☆ Coaching, as a management style.
  • ☆ Factors revealing employee potential.
  • ☆Optimal interaction between a coach-manager and an employee.
  • ☆Modern techniques for creating coaching management topics.

"Team building and development" training

  • ☆ A friendly team is every leader dream.
  • ☆ Which conditions do you need to develop and maintain such team?
  • ☆ Which difficulties do you have to overcome?
  • ☆ Rules for resolving conflicts.
  • ☆ Psychology of people for effective management. Team coaching.

"Development of a leader emotional intelligence" training

  • ☆ What is the emotional intelligence of a leader?
  • ☆ How to develop your emotional intelligence?
  • ☆ How to improve your “managerial competence”?
  • ☆ Making a personal development plan.
  • ☆ Practical application and real cases.

"Staff motivation" training

  • ☆ Motivation: what components does it consist of?
  • ☆ How to handle with each of those components?
  • ☆ Introducing a new management style.
  • ☆ Learn how to overcome employees resistance.
  • ☆ The system of team motivation: from a team’s to personal success.

"Sales mastery" training

  • ☆ Techniques of selling services or goods, overcoming objections.
  • ☆ How to make your product exclusive?
  • ☆ How to make sales techniques a mastery?
  • ☆ Conducting successful negotiations.
  • ☆ Preventing “burnout” and setting goals to improve results.

Personal and team coaching

  • ☆ Is coaching essential for employee personal development? Get a motivated team member dealing with any task: 4-8 consultations for the result.
  • ☆ Work with a team: group sessions format. Result: goals achievement. Bonus: teambuilding!
  • ☆ Training methods: mini-lectures, moderation, case studies, coach/brainstorming sessions, discussions.
  • ☆ 60% of the training: practicing.

About the coach:

Business trainer Helen Matveeva

Professional education:

  • ☆ Grant of MacEwan College program “HR-management” of Kiev IIB.
  • ☆ “German School of Business Training”, certification: business coach.
  • ☆ CIF International Federation of Coaching, Life coach.


  • ☆ Chief People Officer in manufacturing and consulting companies.
  • ☆ Agency for Management Consulting: Director, Business Coach.
  • ☆ The last few years: active recruiting and coaching in the field of IT.

Experience in long-term projects with manufacturing companies for the creation and implementation of a system of secondary and higher education (development of managerial competencies, leadership, techniques of negotiations, communications and sales, personnel development).

Selected clients


Privat Bank, OTP Bank


Intrepipe Corporation, Avito


Agro-Spectrum (recreation centers, restaurants)
Alef Corporation (distribution of products)


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Soft Skills Trainings and Coaching

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